Monday, 21 May 2012

Hall's Greenhouses

Russell Nursery is very pleased to announce that we are now representatives for Halls English Greenhouses. Halls has been manufacturing greenhouses in England since the 1930’s and has earned a reputation for high quality at affordable prices.
In the early days greenhouses were made of red cedar and at one time Halls was the biggest user of Canadian cedar in Britain. In the early 1970’s Halls moved into aluminum greenhouses.  They pioneered the flat pack do-it-yourself kit in 1974 and have been producing them ever since.
The company continues to manufacture an award-winning range of garden buildings, which now feature the latest innovations in aluminum frames and glazing combined with a traditional and stylish appearance.
The kits come with instructions for DIY installation, and almost all of the models can be put up over a weekend.  If you’d prefer to let someone else do it, we do provide an installation service in the Victoria area.  Our installation crew consists of Brian Russell, Mike McCandlish and Owen Redfern. 

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  1. The house with the periwinkle paint over the door (and cut-out art flowers)... how *smart* that design is to have doors on both ends and a pathway through. -