Saturday, 7 July 2012

Storing potatoes

To identify the perfect home storage location in your house, first answer three questions: What kind of potatoes are they? How long do you intend to store them? How do you intend to cook the potatoes—will you bake, fry, or boil them? Your answers will help you decide where to store potatoes at home.

Overall Recommendations:
Ideal conditions are ventilated, cool temperatures, high humidity and no light.

Avoid exposure to light to prevent greening.

Store away from light in an unheated (42- 55°F) room, closet or cabinet in your home or garage.

Store in a perforated plastic bag to increase humidity and decrease water loss. Or use a small container of water to increase humidity (we use burlap bags)

Do not tightly seal the bag. The goal is to provide fresh air and to minimize carbon dioxide levels and disease development potential.

Do not wash harvested garden potatoes prior to storage.

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